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HexChat - Kostenloser IRC-Client für Windows HexChat 2.14.3 ist eine kostenlose Client-Software mit grafischer Oberfläche, welche die Kommunikation über das Internet Relay Chat Protokoll, kurz IRC,.. mIRC ist der ultimative Client für Internet-Relay-Chat (IRC). Es werden keine Vorkenntnisse von IRC vorausgesetzt Ein IRC-Client ist ein Instant-Messenger -Client, mit dem am Internet Relay Chat (IRC) teilgenommen werden kann. Mit dem IRC-Client wird eine Verbindung zu einem IRC-Server hergestellt, der dann als Vermittlungsstation zwischen mehreren IRC-Clients dient, die auf diese Weise untereinander kommunizieren können IRC or Internet Relay Chat is a protocol that enables real-time text communications between people. To start, a client connects to a server (or more commonly a network of servers) where clients have either one on one conversations or group conversations in channels. Before choosing a client it's important to understand how IRC functions and what it's capable of Beim Internet Relay Chat, kurz IRC genannt, stehen den Usern verschiedene Befehle zur Verfügung. Grundsätzlich gilt, dass vor jedem Befehl ein Slash, also ein Schrägstrich, ohne Leerzeichen gesetzt..

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Kiwi IRC is a free and open source web client that comes with an aesthetic and contemporary layout that features classic double-column design. The chat window is located on the left of the window, while the nicklist is placed on the right. It allows users to generate codes that let the users embed the IRC client inside the website AndChat: Simpler IRC-Client mit komfortablen Einstellungen AndChat ist kostenlos im Google Play Store verfügbar und unterstützt sowohl Tablets als auch Smartphones ab Android 2.1 Mibbit is a fully featured IRC Client. Allowing you to interact realtime with your friends. Chat, play games, colaborate on projects together and more

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  1. utes. IceChat is capable of connecting to multiple servers and channels all at once, with ease, so you can easily.
  2. An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client is a program that a user can install on their computer and it sends and receives messages to and from an IRC server. It simply connects you to a global network of IRC servers and enables one-on-one and group communication
  3. The self-hosted web IRC client Always connected. Get started Or try the demo. Modern features. Push notifications, link previews, file uploads, and more bring IRC to the 21st century. Always connected. Remain connected to IRC servers while you are offline. Forget about bouncers. Resume where you left off on any device. Responsive interface. The client works smoothly on every desktop.

IRCCloud is a modern IRC client that keeps you connected, with none of the baggage. Stay synced and notified wherever you are with our web and mobile apps. IRC Cloud. Login Forgotten your password? Group chat for teams, friends, and communities. IRCCloud is an IRC client with a future. Stay connected, chat from anywhere, and never miss a message. Your account has been deleted. Sign up for a. If you are already using mIRC, this download will upgrade your current version of mIRC to the latest version and will keep your existing settings. Once the download has finished, you can run the installer to install mIRC. If you are new to downloading software or to mIRC, read our step by step guide for help freenode IRC. Nick. I have a password . Channel. Start. Protect your internet with a VPN Sponsored by PrivateInternetAccess. You have stumbled upon the Kiwi Webchat for the freenode project. To learn more about the freenode IRC network, the freenode #live conference and other freenode projects head over to our website.. Kiwi IRC - Underne Recent Posts. 3.9 Released September 30th, 2020 3.9 Released Some new features in this release: Added drag/drop dcc send support for private windows Added drag/drop support for auto hidden Nicklist Added option to set custom icons for the default. More.. 3.8 Released March 24th, 2020 3.8 Released A lot of new options in this release, here are some of them: Added option to use separate.

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Der klassische IRC-Client für Windows. mIRC ist einer der besten IRC-Clients, außerdem ist er ein Klassiker.... de. Windows. Internet. Kommunikation. Chat/IRC. mIRC. mIRC. 7.63 für . Windows. mIRC . 5.0 . 1. Der klassische IRC-Client für Windows . Advertisement. Neuste Version. 7.63 . 19.08.20 . Ältere Versionen . 850.6 k. Bewerte diese App . mIRC ist einer der besten IRC-Clients. macOS Chat IRC. What are the best IRC clients for Mac? 8. Options Considered. 371. User Recs. Sep 27, 2020. Last Updated. Related Questions. Activity. Here's the Deal. Slant is powered by a community that helps you make informed decisions. Tell us what you're passionate about to get your personalized feed and help others. Let's go! Have feedback or ideas? Join our community on Discord. Ad.

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HS-Chat: Der Nachfolger von Chat99 HT-IRC: Der wohl bekannteste deutsche IRC Client IamC: Ein Client mit recht wenig Funktionen ircII: Einer der ältesten Clients Ircle : Ircle fuer den Mac irssi: Ein sehr beliebter, textbasierter Linux Client Klient: Ein sehr guter Windows IRC Client KVIrc: Einer der besten grafischen Linux Clients mIRC: Der wohl bekannteste Windows Client MS-Chat: Der. Chat with your friends using popular IRC networks. leafChat has a friendly, clean interface that doesn't get in the way of your conversations. Connect to multiple servers at once on the same screen, so that it's easy to keep up with all your friends. leafChat is free to use, but if you like it, please make a donation mIRC. mIRC ist der ultimative Client für Internet-Relay-Chat (IRC). Es werden keine Vorkenntnisse von IRC vorausgesetzt. 5. Gut 391.789. 48.048 BEW. 6.3 Deutsch. Trillian. Trillian ist ein.

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  1. Search chat rooms within the Internet Relay Chat and get informed about their users and topics! - Chat rooms on IRC are usually called channels.Use this IRC search engine to search in channel names and topics of around 500 IRC networks!Find interesting chat rooms and chat with people that share your interests
  2. XChat is an IRC chat program for both Linux and Windows. It allows you to join multiple IRC channels (chat rooms) at the same time, talk publicly, private one-on-one conversations etc. Even file transfers are possible. Read the quick start guide... Latest News. 28-Aug-2010. A new release of XChat for Windows is available today: 2.8.9. See this forum post for a list of changes or to leave.
  3. Pidgin is a universal chat client, allowing you to consolidate all your different messaging apps into a single tool. Pidgin is a universal chat client, allowing you to consolidate all your different messaging apps into a single tool. Install Plugins About Community Philosophy and Goals Security Advisories Help Services (Protocols) Bonjour Gadu-Gadu GroupWise IRC Sametime SILC XMPP (Jabber.
  4. IRC Cloud is a nice-looking client for Android that provides an easy way to access and stay connected to your IRC channels without much hassle. It's an especially great option if you have a spotty Internet connection because it keeps your IRC connection running even if you lose signal for a bit. Your entire chat history is synced to the cloud so you can catch up later
  5. Was ist IRC? IRC steht für Internet Relay Chat. Es ist ein Mehrbenutzer - Kommunikationssystem, auf dem sich Leute auf sogenannten Kanälen in Gruppen oder individuell unterhalten können. Der IRC ist eine Anwendung des Internet. Benutzer des Systems sind durch einen Nickname gekennzeichnet. Hier ist ein Snapshot einer IRC Session mit dem ircII-Client für Unix-Systeme: IRC hat einen Ruf.
  6. News rund um das aktuelle IRC Geschehen. IRC und Chat-Clients in der Kategorie Internet Relay Chat - IRC

To use IRC chat, you need an IRC client. These are simple terminal-style windows that allow you to select IRC chat channels and type in chats. The large central window will show the thread as it develops as well as the usernames of others within the same chatroom. It is a very basic interface but doesn't have to be anything more Chat Client. Your text mode chatting application since 1999. IRC built-in. Multi-protocol friendly for module authors. Shipped-by-default Perl scripting with a wide range of available extensions. Integrates into the UNIX stack: Your window manager, your terminal emulator, your remote connection, your terminal multiplexer, your IRC bouncer, your IRC adapter. Irssi is free software licensed. mIRC ist der Klassiker unter den Clients für IRC-Netzwerke (Internet-Relay-Chat). Shareware, kostenloser Download

MyChat IRC Chat Client 1.0 Download auf Shareware.de. IRC Chat Client für Windows. Deutschsprachige IRC Chats sind vorkonfiguriert.. Jetzt kostenlos downloaden IRC client. Read The News. Read The Docs. Get Downloads; View Themes; Read News; SeeOn GitHub; Send Donation; ReadThe Docs; Windows 10 App. Windows 7+ 64bit Installer. Windows 7+ 32bit Installer. Flatpak. Source Archive. Note that the Windows installers automatically download other dependencies and may require rebooting for scripting interfaces to work. Hashes. Convos is an IRC client that runs in your browser and brings the IRC experience into the 21st century. It features a persistent bouncer on the server side that will keep you online even after you close your browser window. Want to use Convos on your phone? No problem! Convos is fully responsive and fits any screen. Convos can be installed on your home server Der PC Games.de-Chat basiert auf IRC - dem Internet-Relay-Chat. Für dieses Protokoll gibt es verschiedene Möglichkeiten, um am Chat teilzunehmen. Chatten via HTML5-Chat Eine komfortable Variante auch von fremden Rechnern oder ohne installierten IRC-Client zu surfen ist unser HTML5-Chat. Ein Klick auf den nachfolgenden Link öffnet ein neues Fenster, in dem der Client startet. Vorher ist eine. How to Use IRC (Internet Relay Chat): [EDIT] This is an Instructable intended as a starter for those who do not yet understand Internet Relay Chat, or IRC. This project is not intended to cover the entire scope of IRC and each individual client's capabilities, but is targeted to the wi

lightIRC.com / Free Flash IRC Client Mehr über den schlanken, aber durchaus leistungsfähigen IRC-Client Nettalk erfahren Sie hier: Was ist Nettalk? Hier können Sie die aktuelle Version runterladen: Nettalk downloaden So bringen Sie ihr Nettalk auf den neusten Stand: Nettalk updaten: Neuerungen Version 6.7.16 (30.10.2012).

This is a list of all Internet Relay Chat commands from RFC 1459, RFC 2812, and extensions added to major IRC daemons.Most IRC clients require commands to be preceded by a slash (/).Some commands are actually sent to IRC bots; these are treated by the IRC protocol as ordinary messages, not as /-commands.. Conventions used here: Angle brackets (< and >) are used here to indicate a. mIRC ist ein Internet Relay Chat Client, mit dem es möglich ist mit anderen Personen im IRC-Netzwerk zu chatten, zu spielen oder zu arbeiten, wobei der Client auch Konferenzen mit vielen anderen. Funktionen des IRC-Chat-Clients. mIRC bietet als Chat-Client viele praktische Funktionen wie eine Buddy-Liste, Dateitransfer, Multi-Server-Verbindungen, IPv6, SSL-Verschlüsselung, Proxy-Unterstützung, UTF-8-Display, UPnP, Sounds, Skript-Editor, gesprochene Nachrichten, Systray-Benachrichtigung und vieles. In den Favoriten legen Sie die Chaträume ab die Sie bevorzugt nutzen möchten. So. Internet Relay Chat, kurz IRC, bezeichnet ein etabliertes, rein textbasiertes Chat-System.IRC findet im Internet statt, gehört aber nicht zum World Wide Web (WWW). Zur Teilnahme wird daher in aller Regel ein spezielles Chat-Programm (der IRC-Client) anstelle eines Browsers verwendet

A highly customizable IRC client that supports multiple simultaneous connections, enabling you to chat with other users from around the world What's new in HexChat 2.14.3 mIRC 7.52 kostenlos downloaden! Weitere virengeprüfte Software aus der Kategorie Internet finden Sie bei computerbild.de Appchat: EFnet Chat Network - 14879 users - 8487 chat rooms - 103 minutes ago - Connect to IRC network EFnet, enter one of EFnet's chat rooms and start chatting online from here Ein IRC-Client ist ein Instant-Messenger-Client, mit dem am Internet Relay Chat (IRC) teilgenommen werden kann.. Mit dem IRC-Client wird eine Verbindung zu einem IRC-Server hergestellt, der dann als Vermittlungsstation zwischen mehreren IRC-Clients dient, die auf diese Weise untereinander kommunizieren können. Die wesentliche Aufgabe des IRC-Client besteht darin, Gesprächsinhalte und Befehle. To connect with Freenode, you will need to either download an IRC client, or use a web chat client-Te choice of which IRC Client to pick heavily relies on which platform you are on (Windows, Mac etc), and there are too many option to list, but the most widespread ones are mIRC for Windows, irssi for linux and Colloquy for Mac OSX. There are.

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  1. How do I join a channel? Create an IRC account and sign into it. After you've signed on, you can use the Buddies -> Join a Chat menu option on the Buddy List window to join a channel. In any window, either a conversation or a chat, in which your IRC user is the sender, you can also use the /join command to connect to a new channel. Can I hide messages from NickServ, ChanServ, etc
  2. Quassel IRC 0.13.1. Simple IRC chat client with a comfortable interface, standard connection settings, font customizat... Feb 19th 2019, 13:17 GMT. Windows All. IRC client; 3,544 downloads; 381 KB.
  3. IRC channels. Information on how to join the IRC channels on irc.oftc.net Connect using OFTC WebChat. Click here to join #open-source-java (General Open Source Java meta-issues and chat). Click here to join #openjdk (OpenJDK technical discussions) learn more about OFTC WebChat Launch your favorite IRC client from your browse
  4. Um Dir den Einstieg in IRC-Chat-Netzwerke zu erleichtern, haben wir Dir die Installation für eine Auswahl empfehlenswerter IRC-Clients niedergeschrieben. Sieh Dir diese Anleitungen in Ruhe an, und entscheide Dich dann, mit welchem IRC-Client Du den Einstieg ins IRC-Chatten probieren möchtest
  5. Der Videogameszone.de-Chat basiert auf IRC - dem Internet-Relay-Chat. Für dieses Protokoll gibt es verschiedene Möglichkeiten, um am Chat teilzunehmen. Chatten via HTML5-Chat Eine komfortable Variante auch von fremden Rechnern oder ohne installierten IRC-Client zu surfen ist unser HTML5-Chat. Ein Klick auf den nachfolgenden Link öffnet ein neues Fenster, in dem der Client startet. Vorher.
  6. In this video I show you how to use IRC chat. From downloading the client to joining your first server and channel this video takes you step by step. Good fo..

Das Internet Relay Chat (IRC) ist ein Computerprogramm, das es ermöglicht via Internet mit Tausenden von Menschen (gleichzeitig) zu sprechen. Diese Kommunikation findet in Textzeilen auf dem Computerbildschirm statt. Im IRC ist man unter seinem Spitznamen bekannt, und alles, was man sagt und macht, erscheint unter diesem Namen. Diesen Spitznamen kann man selbst frei wählen, nur darf er nicht. LostIRC - A simple GTK IRC client. Loqui - Another GTK client, with a range of features intermediate between XChat's and LostIRC's. ChatZilla as a Firefox add-on or as a part of SeaMonkey. Thunderbird - Default email client offers IRC chat. Kubuntu (Qt) Quassel - KDE4/Qt based, IRC client. Doesn't require the KDE libraries so it can be. IRC Clients. Bitte beachte, dass wir für die einzelnen IRC Clients keinen Support leisten. Benutzer sind gebeten, sich die notwendige Dokumentation und Hilfe beim Vertreiber der entsprechenden Software zu holen. Der Zeichensatz ist je nach verwendetem Client anderst aufgeführt aber meist: UTF-8. Windows. mIRC - kostenpflichtig HexChat - open source / kostenlos X Chat - open source. The original IRC client in elisp was by David Lawrence at RPI in 1989, named irc.el (oldest extant copy linked). This code was actively developed through 1996 by various people before finally sinking into obscurity. It is doubtful that this client still functions on modern IRC networks. (It actuall

TeamSpeak 2 Client kostenlos zum Download auf GIGA.DE. Version 2 des Voice-over-IP Tools TeamSpeak Client, der besonders. Jetzt TeamSpeak 2 Client downloaden mIRC - Beliebter IRC-Client für Windows Das IRC (Internet Relay Chat) ist ein rein textbasiertes Kommunikationssystem, dessen Wurzeln bis in die späten 1980er Jahre zurückreichen und das sich. When I first started using IRC, most IRC clients were difficult to use or limited in features. I wanted to see if I could create an IRC client that was both fun and easy to use. Khaled Mardam-Bey. Got mIRC? Download, FAQ, installation help, use and scripting. mIRC is by far the most popular Internet Relay Chat client for Windows and thus among all users. This page is devoted to the unofficial. There are other open source IRC clients beyond the four I've picked here, of course. One contender I did not include above is Pidgin. Pidgin, formerly known as GAIM, is a mutli-purpose chat client with the ability to tie in to a number of networks beyond just IRC. And in fact, I use it regularly, but not for Internet Relay Chat. I find it's a much better client for one-on-one or small group.

Best IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Clients for Android. Most popular IRC client that has got for more than half million downloads on the google play store, therefore many of the people are using this app. This app works really good with the conversations that you make while chatting hence you doesn't get any lag while chatting. Although this app has not been updated for more than two years but. Das IRC-Protokoll (Internet Relay Chat) verbindet Menschen weltweit. In IRC-Netzwerken zusammengeschlossene Chat-Server stehen für alle Nutzer offen und bieten diesen die Möglichkeit in verschiedenen Diskussionsräumen, sogenannten Channels, zusammenzukommen und dort in Echtzeit und direkt miteinander zu kommunizieren. Ein Netzwerk wie das German-Elite.Net stellt seinen Benutzern mehrere IRC. How to Download and Install the mIRC Chat Client. The mIRC chat client provides users with the opportunity to exchange ideas through art and meet and make new friends. Many scripts exist to make the experience more interesting and fun...

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Getting Started with Chatbots & IRC Overview. Twitch offers an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) interface for chat functionality. Chatbots allow you to interact programmatically with a Twitch chat feed using IRC standards; the bot connects to the Twitch IRC network as a client to perform these actions • über einen externen IRC-Chat-Client - Beispiel: mIRC, Die Einrichtung erklären wir Euch unter So gehts. - Andere: XChat, ChatZilla So gehts ins IRC in 5 einfachen Schritten. 1. Einmalige Schritte • Ladet Euch einen IRC-Client herunter, beispielsweise MIRC. • Installiert das Programm und startet es. • Klickt in MIRC auf den Menüpunkt Tools-> OPTIONS (Alt + O) • Geht in dem. Connecting information for IRC Clients: irc.icq-chat.com [supported Ports: 6660-6669 and +6697 (SSL)] ICQ-Chat offers you. Cool chat. Have fun and meet lots of people - completely anonymous. chat, flirt, have fun! With your own photo profile and many free extras like sweepstakes, quizzes, etc. Youth protection. Moderators pay attention to the observance of the youth protection law and are.

Started in 1994 as an alternative to the overburdened networks of the time, DALnet has grown into a vibrant community and is widely regarded as the most friendly of the major IRC networks. DALnet pioneered nickname and channel registration, giving users the right and ability to govern their online experience, without the fear of channel takeover, impersonation or harassment Connecting Scouts and Guides Worldwide. Menu. Home; Connect. Connect Now; IRC (Webchat) Chat now; Android ap Spark is an Open Source, cross-platform IM client optimized for businesses and organizations. It features built-in support for group chat, telephony integration, and strong security. It also offers a great end-user experience with features like in-line spell checking, group chat room bookmarks, and tabbed conversations. Combined with the Openfire server, Spark is the easiest and best. Der IRC (Internet Relay Chat) mIRC 7.63 besitzt eine klare und individuell gestaltbare Benutzeroberfläche.Mit dem Chat Client mIRC können Sie kinderleicht Buddy Listen erstellen auch. IRC Using blender.chat. Whilst IRC is a great technology realtime chat has moved to a new platform on blender.chat. This section needs to be redone with links to the appropriate channels that correspond to the old IRC channels. The IRC channels still exist, but especially for development you should look in #blender-coders on blender.chat. You can check the channel listing for all available.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real time chat designed for group (channel) communication or private communication via private messaging. IRC was created back in 1988 by Jarkko Oikarinen, and since then, its popularity has grown and grown. IRC is an open protocol using TCP (sometimes TLS) working on a server/client model. The standard server port is TCP 6667, but it's also run under. Deutscher Chat (IRC Client) DarkTexas Social. Teen. 18. Contains Ads. Add to Wishlist. Install. Translate the description into English (United States) using Google Translate? Translate. Täglich chatten tausende Nutzern aus der ganzen Welt auf unserer Seite deutscher-chat.de, jetzt auch als App verfügbar und somit noch Ortsunabhängiger! Chatte, flirte und habe Spaß. Egal wann und egal wo. This is the Full Install of the IceChat 7 IRC Client, Version 7.80. Released on December 15, 2014. Includes Windows 8 fixes. IceChat can connect to many IRC Servers, has full scripting support and customizable popup menus and a unique, easy to use Interface. It has emoticon support, skins, full DCC Support, and easy to setup for Multi Servers. IceChat 7 is no longer in development, for the.

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Other Sites. IRC clients for many platforms can be found in the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help Archive.. As an unofficial alternative to IRC, you can use the Zulip livechat about Python.It works in your browser and you can create a free to view and post messages Internet Relay Chat! (Announcements, Support, QDB) r/ irc. Join. hot. hot new top rising. hot. new. top. rising. card. card classic compact. 4. Posted by 2 hours ago. Why Kids or Young People Today Dont Use IRC? Why? 4. 9 comments. share. save. 2. Posted by 5 hours ago. Failure in textual but not limechat. when i use textual i get a transfer with search failed: permission denied when i try. Quassel IRC is a modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client, meaning that one (or multiple) client(s) can attach to and detach from a central core -- much like the popular combination of screen and a text-based IRC client such as WeeChat, but graphical.In addition to this unique feature, we aim to bring a pleasurable, comfortable chatting experience to all major platforms (including Linux.

Download New IRC Live Chat Client for macOS 10.10 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎IRC provides a way of communicating in real-time with people from all over the world. It consists of various separate networks (or nets) of IRC servers, machines that allow users to connect to IRC undernet IRC chat on undernet. Network: UnderNet Server: irc.undernet.org Channel : #undernetUnderNet Server: irc.undernet.org Channel : #underne Kiwi IRC Open Source web-based chat client that works on mobile too. The Lounge is a self-hosted web IRC client. IRCCloud is a great IRC app that is compatible with Android phones, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 8 or later. It has both a free and a paid option. Desktop clients . Konversation is a client for Linux, you can probably get it as a package from your distribution. Its. Yaaic (Yet Another Android IRC Client) is as the name already says an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for Android devices. android irc internet-relay-chat android-irc-client Updated May 11, 2018; Java; Load more Improve this page Add a description, image, and links to the irc topic page so that developers can more easily learn about it. Curate this topic Add this topic to your repo To. For example, the Computer Hope chat room uses an IRC server to allow its users to talk and ask computer questions live. To connect and chat with other IRC users, you must have an IRC client or a web interface that connects you to IRC servers. There are many software IRC clients that enable users to connect and communicate to other IRC servers

Einem IRC-Server beitreten. Bevor Sie einen eigenen IRC-Chat erstellen können, müssen Sie einem Server-Netzwerk beitreten.Einer der Vorteile von IRC ist, dass dafür nicht zwangsläufig ein eigener Account nötig ist. Sie brauchen lediglich einen IRC-Client wie beispielsweise mIRC Die Firefox-Hersteller von Mozilla nutzen künftig die freie Chat-Plattform Matrix und die Riot-Clients statt IRC. Das Team hatte mehr als ein halbes Jahr nach einer Alternative gesucht irc chat free download - Advanced IRC, IceChat IRC Client, ChatBuilder IRC, and many more program 0.13.x clients are compatible to cores starting from 0.5.x and vice versa. Note, however, that you won't get some features with an outdated core, and that you might get (a lot of) (harmless) warnings spammed on your console if you mix old and new versions. The database schema and config file format are usually updated between minor releases (e.g. 0.12.5 -> 0.13.1). Database schema upgrades may.

TeamSpeak Client for Mac - Download Free (2019 Latest Version)National-Socialist Worldview: Who started the Second WorldDownload Minecraft 1Minecraft JAM Hacked Client Download - WiZARDHAXMinecraft Aristois Hacked Client Download - WiZARDHAXWinSCP 5Paris Dylan : boobsSecond Great Crusade | Warhammer 40,000 Fanon Wiki

Appchat: Undernet Chat Network - 18300 users - 6796 chat rooms - 67 minutes ago - Connect to IRC network Undernet, enter one of Undernet's chat rooms and start chatting online from here Chat Register a group Knowledge Base [Scheduled Maintenance] Services database spring cleaning Fuchs on 2020-02-22 . During the Easter weekend (April 12th to 15th) we will be purging the freenode services database. We periodically prune the database to remove expired accounts, nicknames and channels. Just like previous database purges we will be removing any accounts and nicknames that have. Swoole based IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Client. Contribute to leocavalcante/swoole-irc-client development by creating an account on GitHub Clients. Verwandte Kategorien. IRC Protokolle und Dienste. Internet Relay Chat - IRC: Ausgewählte Webseiten (26) talking-place.de - Kostenloser Webchat für die eigene Homepage . Onlinedienste · Biete Deinen Usern die Möglichkeit sich in Echtzeit zu unter... Details anzeigen. IRC Befehle, Java Chat, Spiele & mehr. Spiele · Hier gibt es Hilfe zu den Befehlen von NS-5, IRC-Befehlen un. The following tables compare general and technical information between a number of IRC client programs. Please see the individual products pages for more information. This page is does not include everything and may not be current. General. Basic general information about the clients: creator/company, license/price etc. Clients listed on a light purple background are no longer in active.

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